GCP offers the largest selection of All-Natural, organic and 100% purest salt in the world. 

A Commitment To Quality

Committed to providing pristine, unadulterated salt, our proprietary Optically Clean process eliminates all foreign materials and flawed crystals, while leaving the raw salt just as natural as the day it was harvested: no washing, no chemicals and no tampering with Mother Nature’s components.

Depending on its natural environment, sea salt inherently contains traces of foreign materials, like sand, shells, rocks, seaweed, or clay. Of course, none are harmful, but these elements can be especially unwelcome or problematic for many applications.


GCP commitment to the purity and quality of our natural salts extends to the safety of our state-of-the-art facility. We have rigorous safety processes to ensure top quality of all of our salts, while preserving the artisanal craftsmanship and unique characteristics of each crystal.

Safety and quality has always been our top priority. Global Choice Products Inc. is licensed by the ISO 22000, HACCP & ISO 9001 for food processing. Our facility is in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 22000, HACCP & ISO 9001. We have carefully built a network of trusted and reputable production partners and require that all are also registered with the ISO. We personally certify the authenticity of each salt that we source from across the globe.

Our in-house quality control and engineering departments work together to develop and implement processes for safely screening and handling all salts. Our proprietary, certified system includes sifters, sieves, rare earth magnets, metal detection and color sorting that ensures the purest, most pristine salts are delivered to our customers worldwide.